Killer Hair, Designer Knockoff, Hostile Makeover

Designer Knockoff


Second in the Crime of Fashion series


Fashion reporter and stylish sleuth Lacey Smithsonian returns as high crimes and haute couture heat up Washington, D.C., "The City Fashion Forgot." 

    Lacey tangles with a fabric of deceit and death when high fashion meets low dealings in unfashionable Washington. A missing intern's scandalous secret, a New York fashion dynasty's closetful of skeletons, a young fashion designer's unsolved disappearance in the 1940s, and a long-lost scrap of black market silk from World War Two -- it's a pattern custom-tailored for murder.

    And what on earth does her beloved Aunt Mimi's old steamer trunk, full of memories, fashion memorabilia, and long-forgotten dress patterns have to do with that well-dressed body in the swamp? Lacey races to unravel the truth behind two disappearances sixty years apart -- and unmask the killer behind a dress to die for.

    Lacey's Fashion Bite of the Day: "Uh oh! Shopping under the influence of temptation? Beware of chocolate highs, bogus bargains, frivolous friends, and impossible fantasies. Or are you really ready to jet off to Spain just because that slinky little dress whispers, 'Barcelona'?"


Hostile Makeover


Third in the Crime of Fashion series


Lacey Smithsonian promises Vic she'll try to stay out of trouble — long enough for a big romantic weekend getaway. But on Lacey’s crazy Washington DC fashion beat, trouble follows her like static cling on a silk skirt.

     First she scores a hot interview: reality TV star Amanda Manville, whose miracle surgical makeover has morphed her into a Supermodel Diva From Hell. Amanda has enemies, secrets, stalkers, and death threats, and she begs Lacey to find out who’s trying to kill her. Then Lacey's mother and sister land in DC to plot an “extreme makeover” on her entire life. And worse: Vic’s ex is in town too, and she wants him back — bad. What’s a sensible fashion reporter to do?!

    Stride stylishly into harm’s way! To save the day, Lacey dodges screaming divas, drive-by shootings, a speeding stolen car (her own!), grumpy homicide cops, and the newspaper’s infamous office jinx. And she discovers that makeovers really can be murder.

    Lacey's Fashion Bite of the Day: "Life is not a dress rehearsal! You're the star of your own life, aren't you? So dress like the glamorous leading lady, not the understudy or a drab extra in a dreary foreign film." 

     Hostile Makeover is the second movie in the Lifetime Network series adapted from the Crime of Fashion Mysteries.



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Killer Hair


First in the Crime of Fashion series


Fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian tackles her first deadly fashion crime in Washington, D.C., "The City Fashion Forgot."

     A beautiful dead hairstylist, a straight razor, and a horrible haircut? The D.C. cops call it  an open-and-shut case of suicide. But Lacey's nose for nuance, her subtle style instincts, and her "punk goddess with a heart of gold" hairstylist, Stella, tell her this fashion crime is really murder.

    Wading through a murderous swamp of diva hairstylists, Washington political scandals, and suspiciously "assisted" suicides, Lacey must tease out the twisted truth before she falls victim to the Capital City's next fatal coiffure. Only her wits and style sense can save her, along with the help of her screwball stylist, a short-circuited psychic, and the one man out of her past she thought she'd never have a second chance with. And they say a bad haircut can't kill you! Or can it?

    Lacey's Fashion Bite of the Day: "Never wear pink to testify before the Special Prosecutor! Accused of high crimes? Dress in high style, not like a little Bo Peep who has lost not only her sheep, but her wits as well."

    Killer Hair begins both the Crime of Fashion Mysteries and Lifetime's Crime of Fashion movies.

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