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April 22-24 I'm moderating a panel at Malice Domestic called "What Do You Wear to a Murder?" on how fashion can enhance a mystery. I'll be wearing vintage. See you there!
April 11 My seventh mystery SHOT THROUGH VELVET is available in trade paperback, as well as ebook.
March 1 THE BRIEF LUMINOUS FLIGHT OF THE FIREFLY is available in hardcover, as well as in trade paperback and ebook.
Dec 17 Dru's Book Musings featured "A Day in My Life" with Mimi Smith from FIREFLY.
Dec 17 KRL News & Reviews reviewed FIREFLY.
November 30 I was interviewed in The Big Thrill, the magazine of the International Thriller Writers.
My publications, book signings and other events. Please check my Facebook page for the latest updates.
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