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December 2016
December 2 - 18
A Christmas Cactus is performed by the Olympia Little Theatre in Olympia, WA.
December 6
Grave Apparel is republished as a Kindle ebook by Lethal Black Dress Press
December 15
A Christmas Cactus  has a staged reading at the TheatreWorks in New Milford, CT
December 20
My recipe book Recipes for Disaster is an Amazon Kindle ebook for the holidays (see below)
January 2017
The Woman in the Dollhouse is now available from Amazon
Raiders of the Lost Corset is republished as a Kindle ebook by Lethal Black Dress Press
July 5  I am interviewed by Grace Topping on the Writers Who Kill blog
July 28  My YouTube channel Ellen Byerrum's Fashion Bites goes live
September 22  I'll have a podcast on Debbi Mack's Crime Cafe
My book signings and other events. Check my Facebook page for the latest updates.
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Too tasty! Too tempting!

Too fattening! 


Here are ten criminally delicious recipes collected from my email newsletter, plus a bonus recipe. Originally published as a holiday gift for my readers, this little recipe booklet is now available as a Kindle e-book from Amazon.

     These are recipes that the famous Felicity Pickles might make. (If she weren't a fictional character in my Crime of Fashion Mysteries.) They are designed to entrap hungry reporters, satisfy a cranky editor, and even placate the odd homicide detective who happens by The Eye Street Observer's newsroom.



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