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My Crime of Fashion mysteries Killer Hair and Hostile Makeover were adapted to film for the Lifetime Movie Network.
We had a great cast, the movies are a lot of fun, and I got to do a walk-on during the filming. Both films are available from Amazon, at these links: Killer Hair and Hostile Makeover.
Other cast members include Jocelyn Loewen (Felicity Pickles), Lynda Boyd (Marcia Robinson), Jason Schombing (Detective Harding), Peter Kelamis (Agent Thorne), Christopher Shyer (Boyd Radford), Carmen Moore (Sherri Gold), Sarah Smyth (Tammi White), Finola Hughes (Josette Radford).
Photos on this page: Uncredited, copyright by their respective owners.
Above: Lacey Smithsonian and the ladies of Killer Hair and Hostile Makeover.
Above, from the left: Katharine Isabelle (Lacey's sister Cherise), Sadie LeBlanc (Stella Lake), Maggie Lawson (Lacey), Mary McDonnell (Lacey's mother Rose), Sarah Edmondson (Brooke Barton).
Top row from left: Maggie Lawson (Lacey), Victor Webster (Vic Donovan), Mark Consuelos (Tony Trujillo).
Bottom row from left: Mario Cantone (Leonardo), James McDaniel (Douglas MacArthur Jones).
My movie moment in the Lifetime adaptation of Killer Hair.
We were filming on a chilly March day on the streets of Washington, D.C., right in front of the White House.
Ellen Byerrum (with the red hair) waits for her cue to cross in front of Killer Hair stars Victor Webster and Maggie Lawson.
Above: Maggie Lawson as my stylish heroine Lacey Smithsonian, with some of the men of Killer Hair and Hostile Makeover.
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